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Tyler’s Story

Tyler’s massage story began here, in Monroe North Carolina, after graduating from Union Academy and later SPCC. For nearly a decade, Tyler has been traveling and studying under highly trained massage therapists. In Charlotte NC, he began his work in established studios such as Hand and Stone, where he mastered anatomy identification and developed a fuller understanding of how massage helps the human body. Tyler spent a large portion of his career focusing on corporate massage. Corporate massage provides immediate benefits to individuals who are unable to set aside time for a full table massage and are often chronically overworked. This unique look at the lives of non-traditional clients sparked Tyler’s passion for a holistic and balanced lifestyle. In Asheville, NC Tyler continued to gain knowledge of natural and physical health while gaining experience in a variety of alternative medical practices. Tyler joined a unique and versatile practice while completing his RYT 200, a certification for mastery in Yoga.  At this point in his life Tyler found clarity in the type of lifestyle he wished, and shares with others.

Our Philosophy

‘Human anatomy is vast, and we each constantly uncover secrets which make up who we are and how we work and move. I want to do something that changes the way others experience their life. I want to connect people to each other and to the world that we all share. I believe that both Massage and Yoga are essential practices in creating an impact on people’s natural health and wellness.’ - Tyler

Why Monroe?

As my childhood home, it makes sense for Monroe to be the birthplace of my practice. I want to give back to the community that supported and made me who I am, in the best way that I know. Monroe Massage and Yoga is nestled inside the Franklin courtyard of our once thriving downtown, which is on the road to revitalization. It is our hope that Monroe Massage and Yoga can become a cornerstone of the values that our downtown community holds, by providing a place to practice physical fitness and natural holistic health.