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It is our mission to bring natural health and wellness to as many lives as possible, while making an impact on the health of our community. We’ve helped a lot of people in Monroe on their journey to a happier and healthier life. They decided to return the favor and let us know what we’re doing right. If you’ve had a good experience with Monroe Massage and Yoga, we’d encourage you to share as well.

What our customers are saying

I came into Monroe Massage and Yoga today, in pain. My neck was very tight, and I could hardly move. By the end of my session with Tyler, I was completely pain free. Wow! Thank you!

Melanie Samron

The chair massages I receive weekly are very therapeutic. I have chronic back/shoulder problems and I've noticed a vast improvement with both areas! I've also noticed the frequency of my migraines has decreased....weekly chair massages are a wise investment for your body!

Lisa Jones

Having a massage by Tyler while I was pregnant was amazing. He found & worked on areas that could not find comfort. He was attentive & communicative while still putting my mind and body at ease.

Ruth Gonzalez

Family law can be stressful. Very stressful. Our entire office looks forward to our weekly visits by Tyler at Monroe Massage and Yoga. He sets up his massage chair very quietly and everyone has an opportunity to get a corporate chair massage while he is there. It was one of the best decisions we have made for the firm. Tyler's calm demeanor and expert back and shoulder massaging provide a calm oasis on a busy work day. I highly recommend Monroe Massage and Yoga and encourage other businesses to use them. Thanks Tyler!

Shawna Collins

Back in September, I broke my leg and dealt with swelling in my ankle and foot. I was in a lot of pain, and had decreased mobility. I started visiting Tyler every other week and could immediately see results in the sessions. I now have full mobility in my ankle and decreased swelling. I am almost back to competition and will definitely keep working with Monroe Massage and Yoga as I recover.

Lilly Wescoat

I absolutely love going to Monroe Massage & Yoga. I usually get a mixture of a Swedish Massage with Reflexology. It's the best. I came in with back pain even after seeing a Chiropractor and Tyler knew what areas to concentrate on first to relieve the pain. Reflexology is my favorite part of the entire session. Thank you Tyler for your services.

Mrs. Wanda Strickfaden

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